Pioneer Food Solutions is made up of a network of experts ready to provide technical assistance remotely and help you create healthy, sustainable and profitable Food Business Operations ( Small Medium Large Food Industries) ,We will happily facilitate a quick call to answer your technical query.1-hour consultation you can book a 1-hour remote consultation appointment and get immediate




  • Linking business goals to science and technology tools
  • Developing partnerships with other companies and organizations
  • Assessing new applicable technologies, within or outside the food industry
  • Culinary projects
  • Specialising in turn-key product development of clean-label and converging products when possible
  • Combining applied research and effective communication strategy for an appropriate commercialisation of science


  • Feasibility and shelf life study
  • Formulation design and development
  • Nutritional analysis and labelling
  • Safety, quality and regulatory compliance
  • Sensory and organoleptic testing
  • Prototyping of minimum viable product
  • Optimising processes and cost
  • Technology transfer and troubleshooting
  • Packaging design and development


  • Co-manufacturer, co-packer, and supplier sourcing
  • Artwork and label development
  • Registration documents
  • Due diligence activities to ensure compliance-by-design
  • Launch and post-launch strategy

End-to-end project management
You have the idea and the resources, but not the right project manager. No need to hire one full-time. You will work with one of our project managers who will bring your idea to the market within time and budget.