BAR Codes

PFS provides retail barcodes and barcode images for consumer goods in India. We help small Indian businesses grow by supplying authentic, certified EAN-13 and UPC-A barcode numbers for an affordable one time fee. Our barcodes are from the same original system as GS1 and are accepted by the vast majority of retailers in India and globally. We offer barcode packages and provide prompt support.

A barcode with an 890 prefix indicates the number was originally issued by the Indian branch of GS1. An 890 prefix howeverdoes notindicate that the product comes from India or is made by an Indian company. This is confirmed by GS1hereandsnopes articlehere.

Any barcode seller claiming to be able to provide codes beginning with the 890 prefix are misleading you. These sellers offload made up 890 numbers with a high risk of duplication against GS1 Indias authentic numbers and cause confusion in the supply chain. They have no relationship to GS1 and are not authorized to sell the 890 prefix (despite any claims made). If you purchase an 890 barcode from someone other than GS1 a duplication issue is very likely. Further you will be liable when a duplication occurs. Retailers and distributors will always side with an official GS1 license holder over someone who is using illegitimate numbers.

It is not a mandatory requirement for Indian product owners to have an 890 prefix. The first three starting numbers only indicate the GS1 branch that issued the code, not the product or manufacturer origin. This is an important distinction to make.

We supply barcodes starting with the 060 089 prefix range. This indicates they were first issued by the UCC (Uniform Code Council now GS1-US). Our barcodes are used on thousands of products in India and worldwide.

Our numbers seen on these online platforms and many more.

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QR Codes

QR Code that encodes the India Barcodes url

Most commonly QR codes are used to direct smartphone users to a website url. Businesses can display QR codes on their products to direct customers to website address with more information about a specific product, service or promotional campaign.

Static : A static QR code stores information that cannot be overwritten. Static QR Codes are useful when the data does not need to be updated. You can create different types of static QR Codes including:

  • vCard (Electronic Business Card)
  • Calendar Event Information
  • Website url
  • Social Media profiles (Linkedin, Facebook)
  • Send Email
  • Send SMS
  • Call Number
  • Wi-Fi Access Point
  • Text/Raw Data e.g. Serial Number
  • GS1 Application Identifier
Dynamic : A dynamic QR code uses a url redirect to point to a specific destination domain e.g. the landing page of a marketing campaign.This allows for unlimited edits of the final url.
Note : QR Codes cannot be used as a replacement for traditional retail barcodes such as EAN-13 or UPC-A. EAN-13 and UPC-A are global standards adopted by the entire retail industry. Scanners used in retail do not scan QR codes. QR codes displayed on retail products for promotional or information purposes are usually accompanied by an EAN-13 or UPC-A to scan at Point of Sale.
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