What is food innovation, and why is it important?

Food innovation is the development and commoditization of new food products, processes, and services. Right now, its happening rapidly. Food and beverage companies are looking for ways to make healthy, nutritious offerings that are not only enticing, accessible, exciting, and unique, but also sustainable.

The best food innovations to have emerged recently. In it, youll notice developments in food packaging and processing, along with a host of exciting ingredients appearing in unexpected places. Personalization is a huge trend, with beverage and diet companies enabling individuals to customize their products. Fast-food restaurants are coming up with novel ways to make customers want to dine-in and a number of brands are tailoring offerings to meet the unique needs of millennials.

The Birth of a New Food or Beverage Product we explored the process behind creating and bringing new products to market. And whether this is by a start-up with its first product or a multinational company adding to an already established brand, an average of 20,000 new food and beverage products are launched every year

Time will tell if that number holds for 2021. The year started out with business as usual, where consumers could browse full shelves at the grocery store and almost be guaranteed that they would find what they wanted even if that was something as simple as rice

In the new normal, consumers are faced with empty shelves and limited choices. Plus, the shopping mindset is more grab and go rather than a leisurely search to find something new. And remember all of those new product sample stations that sometimes served as lunch? Well, thats not happening now.

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